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Morsø Stoves

Morso 2B Classic Stove from ICS
3.5 - 5.5kW


The Morso 2145 is a 7Kw multi-fuel stove featuring a clean heat convector heat system. The Morso Panther 2145 is an elegant double-door cast iron stove with ribbed sides, perfect for both contemporary and traditional settings.

Two large stay-clean glass panels provide an excellent view of the fire while the stove is operating in its most efficient mode. The stove accepts log lengths up to 400mm - perfect for overnight burning. 

Morso Eco 5 Stove from ICS
4 - 6kW

Eco 5

The Eco 5 is not just a design statement, with striking looks and a larger glass area for a better view of the fire it is also 80% efficient. It offers our patented cutting edge Technology with our Tripleburn Tertiary Airstream system that ignites, reignites and radiates the fire with ease.

The Eco 5 boasts a very low eco-friendly CO emission level of 0.17% along with full convection sides and back, combined with a 4kW to 6kW heat output. This stove is sure to tick all of the right boxes and look absolutely striking in your home.

Morso Eco 2 Stove from ICS
3.5 - 7kW

Eco 2

This hard working stove will serve your family for decades and its good looks will never go out of fashion. You want a heater you can rely on? Something that is well made and adaptable to different fuels? Well hear it is. The Eco 2 produces an impressive heat output range of 3.5kW to 7kW thanks to Eco Ideal Cleanburn technology, which maximises results and reduces emissions, and without the need for an airbrick.

The Eco 2 stove like all the eco range incorporates our two position grate system for burning wood and smokeless fuel incredibly efficiently. Many competitors stoves have a fixed grate system with wood embers falling through the grate into the ashpan whereas the Eco-Ideal grate system build a bed of hot ash for optimum wood burning.

Morso Eco 3 Stove from ICS

Eco 3

The Eco 3 sets a new standard for Defra approved stoves, the perfect combination of style and technology, it radiates charm and sophistication and would be a perfect addition to any room. With an output of up to 5kW there is no need to have a cumbersome airbrick installed.

Everything about this stove has been designed to make your life easier: our Tribleburn technology will get as much heat as possible from your fuel and the Hot air wash will even keep the glass clean for you. What are you waiting for? Put your feet up and let your new Eco 3 keep warm.

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