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What Can I Burn On My Stove?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Whilst many items around the home are flammable it is not always a good idea to through on the fire without thinking of the consequences!

You may think "Oh well, it'll burn" but their could be dangerous results such as poisonous fumes or excess heat leading to a chimney fire that you need to consider. Here we have put together a guide about what you can burn on your wood burning stove or multi fuel stove.

wood burning stove ICS Norfolk

Which items should NOT be burned on your stove?

Cardboard & Paper

You should NOT burn cardboard on your stove, including food packaging such as cereal boxes etc, because these are often treated with wax, plastic, ink, paint, and other materials which can release toxic fumes when burned. This rule applies to any kind of coloured paper including coupons, newspaper inserts, junk mail, and other leaflets. A small amount of non coloured newspaper can be safe to use if your fire needs a kick, but ensure its anchored in under your wood. When paper is burnt, bits and pieces can float up and out of your chimney, which if uncapped can create a potential fire hazard.

Magazines & Wrapping Paper

Again, these materials present the same risks as cardboard mentioned previously. Many magazine pages and wrapping papers are treated with high pigment inks and coatings which can release toxic fumes or smoke when burned.

Tumble Drier Lint

Yes, I have heard it mentioned before that some people use tumble drier lint as a fire starter.

This is on the DO NOT burn list due to the synthetic fibers from clothes often contained in dryer lint can release toxic chemicals when burned. No one wants to be poisoned! - are you noticing the theme here?

Lighter Fluid/Fire Accelerant

These are designed for outdoor use only. Many fire accelerants contain methanol and petroleum-based chemicals which can produce toxic fumes. These materials also create intense and hot fires which can damage the integrity of your fireplace, and chimney as well as put your home at risk of fire. Not worth the risk!

What items CAN I burn on my stove?


Now, although wood can be burned on your stove, it is imperative you burn the CORRECT type of wood. That's right - there is an incorrect type of wood that should not be burned for the same reasons we mentioned above.

We talked about 'The Best Wood For Burning On Wood Burning Stoves' in a previous blog post. If you have a wood burning stove or are new to the world of fuel types we recommend you take a read. If you have a wood burning stove then you should only be burning dry, seasoned wood. If you have a multi fuel stove or open fire then carry on reading.

Coal or Briquettes

We always recommend you purchase HETAS approved fuels for your multi fuel stove as this ensures the fuel is efficient and produces low volumes of smoke - important if you are in a no smoke zone. All coal is not created equal and there are different types to use for stoves. Do not burn house coal in a stove as this can cause overheating and damage internal components and the flue due to the fierceness in which it burns. House coal is to be used on open fires only.

Ecoal or Homefire Ovals are best for burning in a multi fuel stove or open fire.

If you need your stove serviced or chimney swept then visit our site for further details and to request a quote

If you are looking to have a stove installed check out our blog 'Why Buy A Wood Burning Stove?'

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