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Most Common Questions Answered Before You Purchase Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Stove.

With winter approaching, you may be considering installing a wood burner or multi-fuel stove in your home. Here are some questions and answers you have been considering.

log burner installed by ICS Norfolk
log burner installed by ICS Norfolk

Do I need planning permission/ building control sign off?

The installation of your stove must comply with the requirements of Building Regulation Approved Document J 2010 with the 2013 amendments. The stove must be fitted by a qualified engineer, such as HETAS registered installer who is authorised to commission and sign off installation like ICS Chimney Solutions.

What maintenance is required?

It is recommended that a chimney system operating with a solid fuel appliance is swept at least once a year prior to the heating season. In the UK this is only a recommendation not a a requirement. Ideally the fuel should be checked and swept twice a year.

Where can I install my stove?

With a wide range of freestanding stoves, there are many options where to put your stove. By locating a stove against a wall, in an existing fireplace or in the centre of an open-plan room, your flue can be fitted through a wall or a ceiling. Insert stoves can be fitted flush into a wall, a dividing wall or an old fireplace opening which makes quite the statement.

What is the difference between wood-burning and multi-fuel?

Multi-fuel stoves can burn wood, natural smokeless fuel and manufactured smokeless fuel whereas woodburning stoves exclusively burn wood logs, wood briquettes. Manufactured smokeless fuel produces much more CO2 so is less environmentally friendly. Not all multi-fuel stoves will be able to burn all types of fuel so its important to check this.

Can I burn any type of wood?

No. Dry firewood is essential. The logs should be cut in length to your stove, split and stacked in dry place. It is important to use the correct wood to ensure an effective and environmentally friendly burn.

Still planning on installing a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, Please contact ICS Solutions on 01485 601477 for more advice and a quote.

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