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Should I Get A Log Burning Stove?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

With energy prices soaring and costing more to heat your home, log burning stoves are becoming the more popular way to heat your home.

wood stove installed by ICS Norfolk

How much does a wood burner cost to install?

There is no hard and fast price for installing a wood burner. The cost will depend on the standard of the stove and the type of property into which it is installed.

The initial cost of a burner is significant and can range anywhere from £500 to in excess of £5,000 for luxury designs.

Installation costs will depend upon the age of a building and whether it has a chimney. It costs around £1,800 to install a burner in a property with a pre-existing chimney,

However, if a flue system needs to be installed in the absence of a chimney, this bill can rise to the region of £2,000 plus.

How much are log burner running costs?

Once initial installation costs are met, the cost of running a stove is cheaper than its gas and electric counterparts.

Wood burners can cut a home's heating bill by 10%, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Running costs for an average household are a third of electric heating bills and 13% less than gas central heating, according to the Stove Industry Alliance. The savings will widen if other fuel prices continue to rise.

What Maintenance Does a Log Burning Stove Need?

To ensure your log burning stove is working as efficiently as possible and continues to do so well into the future, there are several steps you should take to ensure its upkeep. These include:

  • Removing a build up of ash every few days if using daily

  • Checking the baffle plate (also known as a throat or deflector plate) for sooty build up

  • Clean the glass regularly (damp newspaper dipped in the ash works a treat)

  • Regularly check the rope seal around the doors for signs of damage

  • Have your chimney swept at least once a year

Need help deciding? Intelligent Chimney Solutions supplies and installs DEFRA approved wood burning stoves and multi duel stoves within Norfolk and are happy to advise you of the best solutions for your home or business. Call 01485 601477 or email or visit

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