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Why Buy A Wood Burning Stove?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

wood burning stove ICS Norfolk

With energy prices on the rise, what are the benefits of buying a wood burning stove?

Wood is a renewable resource

Unlike coal, gas or oil, wood is a renewable resource. Trees over the course of their lifetime will absorb as much carbon (or carbon dioxide) as they release when being burnt. Burning wood can therefore be classed as being carbon neutral as it does not increase the amount of co2 in the atmosphere. According to Green Match, wood burning produces 0.008kg of CO2 per kWh compared to 0.198kg for gas and 0.517kg for electricity.

Wood burning stoves are highly efficient

Don't believe the negative stats around stoves in the news. Burning wood on a wood burning stove is around 80% more efficient when compared to open fires that contribute to about 70% of the total wood burning emissions in the air. Thats not saying that wood burning stoves are 100% eco-friendly however they have come along way and are not as polluting as they once was.

Stove manufacturers today have to adhere to strict new measures under the European Directive EcoDesign to tackle air pollution and particulate emissions. High efficiency stoves mean that less heat (about 20%) is lost up the chimney and more heat (80+%) is transferred around your home.

Beat the energy providers

With the price of heating your home rising free yourself from the torturous prices of gas, electric and oil by burning wood instead. That being said, you will need to source a firewood supplier but you can bet that there won't be as huge price increases on wood as there is on electric for example. Plus if you can source FREE wood then it won't cost you at all.

wood burning stoves ICS

This chart from gr8fires highlights the rough costs per kwh (based on 2020 prices), energy costs are measured in different ways and therefore it is difficult to collate them in a way that is truly comparable. However, we can see that wood is cheaper than electric and comparable to gas and oil. It is worth noting too that buying seasoned wood costs more. If you have the space to season wood yourself you can save further by buying unseasoned wood.

You don't actually need a chimney!

Although the ideal place to locate your stove would be in an existing open fireplace you don't need to have a chimney to enjoy a wood burning stove in your home. You need a way to vent smokes and gasses produced by your stove. A wood burning stove can be vented via a flue through an external wall of your home, or straight up to the ceiling and through the roof.

Don't put off getting a stove because you do not have a chimney!

Wood burning stoves are durable

Wood burning stoves are durable and can last for years, many even come with 10 year warranties. Wood burning stoves don't contain many moving parts and so are less likely to go wrong. Compared to central heating systems where boilers are more complicated there are less problems to go wrong.

Make a feature in your home

wood burning stove by ICS Norfolk

With todays modern and contemporary styles your wood burning stove can be an attractive statement in your room.

An eye catching stove will be a focal talking point when you entertain friends and family.

There are many options for freestanding, wall hung and base mounted and shapes such as cylinder and round, single or double doors and even colours! A wood burning stove can be a designer feature in your home and can potentially add value to your home.

Looking for a professional stove installer?
You have found him!

I'm Neil Andrews, owner and operator of Intelligent Chimney Solutions Ltd. Contact me to discuss your stove requirements where I will be happy to assist you with choosing the right stove and install it within Norfolk.

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