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Can I burn My Christmas Tree On My Stove?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Christmas is only a few weeks away and those of you that like to display a real Christmas Tree may be thinking when it's time to get rid 'Oh I can chop it up and throw it in the log burner, it's wood!' couldn't be more wrong!

Wood stove in xmas setting
Wood stove

Why You Shouldn't Burn Your Christmas Tree In Your Stove

Christmas tree wood has a high moisture content and is very 'sappy' so we wouldn't recommend you try burning it. You run the risk of causing serious problems within your stove or flue by burning unseasoned wood. (See: The Best Wood for Burning on Wood Burning Stoves)

We have spoken before about the effects of burning wood containing high moisture levels, this leads to creosote forming within your flue and trapping soot leading to the risk of a chimney fire.

Not something you want to happen at the start of a new year!

If you really want to you can burn your tree, but you will need to leave the wood to season for at least 18 months.

How Do I Dispose Of My Real Christmas Tree?

Many councils will be prepared for the after Christmas period of abandoned trees and offer a Christmas Tree Recycling Point at their recycling centres. You can also recycle your cards and wrapping paper too!

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