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The Best Wood For Burning On Wood Burning Stoves

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

wood for wood burning stoves

What is the best type of wood to store for next winter, and how can you ensure it stays in good condition?

To help you prepare for next Winter, we have developed this handy guide for you, on the best wood for burning on your wood burning stove.


ash for wood burner

Ash tree wood, traditionally said to be the best wood for burning, is great for burning in a fire because it produces a steady flame and produces good heat. It also doesn't need to be burned with other types of wood, making it perfect for wood burning stoves and wood burners.


oak for wood burner

Oak takes the longest to season out of all woods, at around 2.5cm per year. For best results, it should be seasoned for a minimum of two years. Its density makes it burn slowly as firewood, so it is best used alongside other faster-burning logs. Oak can help keep a fire burning overnight if necessary.


beech wood for wood burner

Beech wood is a superb wood for burning, but it has a high water content, so it must be dried properly; in the ideal scenario, it should be stored for three years before using in your wood burning stove.


birch for wood burner

Birch is a good choice for firewood if you want a good heat output, although it burns quickly. To get the most out of birch in a fire, it's best to use it in a mix with other woods, such as oak. Birch can be burnt unseasoned but be careful as the sap can cause deposits to build up in your flue. A bonus is the bark can be stripped and used as fire starters!


cherry for wood burner

Cherry wood burns slowly and gives off a good amount of heat aswell as a pleasant smell. The logs need to be well-seasoned and the bark like birch can also be used as natural fire-starters.


sycamore for log burner

Sycamore burns well when seasoned and generates a moderate heat output. It seasons quickly, usually within a year, and is great for burning on a wood burner aswell as multi fuel stoves or an open fire.

Storing Wood

It is also worth noting that when storing your wood for seasoning it needs to be kept as dry as possible. Wet or damp logs will not burn and will produce excessive smoke that can clog your flue or escape into your room. Try to stack them off the ground too, ideally on a pallet to aid air circulation. If covering your logs, especially in plastic sheeting, keep one side open to prevent the wood from sweating.

We hope you find this guide to the best wood for wood burning stoves useful!

If you've yet to install a wood burner and are unsure then read our article 'Why Buy A Wood Burning Stove' also when looking at purchasing a stove ensure it is Ecodesign Ready.

For a free, no obligation quote on wood burner installation within Norfolk then contact us, Intelligent Chimney Solutions Ltd by phone 01485 601477 or email

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