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Special Offer - Stove Installation - Saltfire Peanut 5

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

special offer by ICS norfolk

Book a Stove Installation with up to 10m Flue Lining and Certificate included for £2300 ***THIS OFFER HAS NOW ENDED***

The Saltfire Peanut range of stoves consist of an all-cast-iron construction for maximum heat-retention and ultra-clean-burning. This works by keeping the belly of the fire hot, even during ‘low & slow’ burning. The cast Iron construction makes for an extremely rugged stove with long life.

Peanut 5

special offer

The compact Peanut-5 is rated at 5kW.

It can easily heat a decent sized room, with variable output between 1.5 and 5kW.

It’s impressive viewing window is huge for a compact stove giving a great view of your fire.

The Peanut 5 can fit a small UK chimney opening of 16” wide which can make installations so much simpler and easier – rarely would any building/ alteration work need to be done even with a small chimney opening.

Special Offer - Don't Delay, Book Today!

Our time limited offer includes the stove, up to 10m of flue lining, installation and a certificate of compliance...all for £2300. Please note, this offer does not include any fireplace alterations or building work.

Get in touch for a full quote

If you are unsure if the Peanut 5 is right for you or whether you will need additional work then we will gladly advise you, just give us a call!

Visit our website, call me, Neil on 01485 601477 or email

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