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Top Tips For Keeping Your Wood Burner Glass Clean

There is nothing worse than seeing the view of your flames blocked by dirty glass. The glass can turn black with soot after your wood burner has been fired up all winter to keep you cosy.

Clean wood burner glass

Burn Quality Fuels

Whether you have a wood burner or a multifuel stove, it is really important to burn the right fuel, for example burning wet wood is not good and will make your glass dirtier. Read this blog to find out the right wood.

Follow Your Instructions

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions so you are using your stove correctly and getting the most of out of it, for example load your fuel so its not touching the glass. Control the air flow and burn it hot. The Airwash system in many modern stoves creates a layer of air that washes over the glass at all times.

Cleaning Techniques

Your wood burner or multifuel stove will take some effort to clean but we have included some tips to try make easier

1. Use cleaning pads that are designed for stove glass.

2. The classic way of using scrunched up newspaper dipped in water and then scrub the glass gently with it until its clear. Using a clean damp cloth wipe away any residue. Be careful not to scratch glass.

3. Ceramic cooker cleaner with a non scratch sponge to remove blackened soot then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Hopefully with these few tips, cleaning your wood burner glass will become easier. If you have any doubts always speak to the manufacturer or your registered installer.

If you are looking to have a wood burner or multifuel stove installed, please contact ICS,

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